🍓 Unlock the Amazing Secrets of the Chocolate Strawberry World with Chocotale

Chocotale is the Belgium's first chocolate strawberry bar with 2 locations in Antwerp and Aarschot. After 2 years we are finally ready and happy to announce you that chocotale is now starting it's educational services.

Is chocolate your passion?

Follow our private training at Chocotale Academy where you will learn all the details of chocolate covered strawberries. We teach you the real art with all the tips and tricks you can't get anywhere else. From the science of tempering chocolate to expert techniques for decorating and presenting your creations, you'll leave our training with a wealth of knowledge.

It takes 10.000 hours to master a skill. So why not, learn it from the Chocotale experts?

Don't wait, fill out the contact form below and start your training this weekend! 🍓